Posted on Mar 10, 2020

S.S.T. Tourism

Birding activity No.17 to Natmataung (Mt.Victoria)

Mar 26, 2020 – Mar 30, 2020
Warmly welcome to this program!
Birding activity No.17 to Natmataung(Mt.Victoria)

We are happy to announce that birding activity No.17 to Natmataung National park(Mt.Victoria) will be launched by MBNS(Myanmar Bird and Nature Society) and S.S.T Tourism Co.,Ltd. We are welcome to this program who would like to participate.
1)awareness-raising for bird and nature conservation by birding activity
2)birding together, making friendship, sharing knowledge
3)call on youth participation in Nature conservation
Valid Mar 26, 2020 – Mar 30, 2020
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